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MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012


*Okay ~ welcome back to our blog about all things 'COOL',...
It's me again, and I'm happy to be back to just chat with you for a mo'..  This past week-end has enlightened and reminded me of how much of a sweetheart 'giver' I am.  Y' know I love to spoil my girlfriend ( my best friend ) with all kinds of lingerie and ( of course ) HIGH HEELS.!!  No really ~ I'm obsessed with lavishing ALL KINDS of attention on her in every aspect of the word, and today is no different.  I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have such an oh-so very 'SPECIAL' girl in my life.  Not only does she bring me down a notch or two ~ ( when I'm being a bad-boy ), she's also my biggest supporter and cheerleader with her pretty little head on my shoulder... And quite often things are very tough for all of us right.?
          So.. we've already established that 'her' lips are where my kisses go, and I don't have to change a thing, because she already makes me feel like a 'Rockstar', but onto my point...  Let's rewind the clock back to Saturday night ~ yes 'Date Night' for my honey and I is as often as we can make it, between our hectic schedules.  Sweet memories are what we make on nights like this.  We were invited to a 'Social-Gathering' for Saturday night, at a trendy club, with all of the 'Bells and Whistles', that come with exclusive 'invites' to events such as these..  Of course we RSVP'd, and set the date for a hot night out on the town with our closest 'coolest' friends.
           6:30pm.  We're getting ready for our big 'date', and I'm so 'in the mood' already to leave a mark on our evening, I can't wait to get started ~ as I'm cruising through a pre-party 'libation' while she does her hair and make-up, and getting pretty doing what girls do, while their guys wait as long as it takes,, ( HeHe ) because tonight we lock it up and throw away the key !!
          And onto...?  That magical moment she emerges in all of her very charming womanly prowess, only to remind me of how 'in-love' with her I actually am, as she shoots me her most adorable "Come and Get Me"grin, and it's absolutely devastating for me to not call-off the whole 'night-out' at this point, and stay-'in'..( HeHe ).  Off we go...  Where we arrive to our destination for the evening.  8:30pm - And as we park the car, I can't wait to open her car door for her ( as a true gentleman ) like I always do ~ to reveal the *Killer Heels she is sporting tonight on her sexy-pedi's when she steps-out to party,.  As I take her by the hand, I'm reminded at how 'breathless' she always makes me feel.  And this is where she has me in a trance as my eyes fixate on her 'Highest-Heels', and I ask how she's doing, as she states the inevitable, when she says..."I only have to make it from the taxi ~ to the door"... ;-) I understand completely as we enter - The club is hopping and the band is playing, and everybody is having a blast already.!!
        We make a smashing entrance as she 'Blows-Up' in her highest heels that immediately catch everyone's attention at the door..  These are the moments that make me so proud to be a part of a Nouveau couple that is us, when all the ladies want to be her ~ and the guys want to be with her, believe me I've noticed,.  Keep in mind that not all of you girls are comfortable walking in 6-Inch + High-Heels.  Not to worry - because again, my GF just has to make it from the 'Taxi-To-The-Door', and then we danced the night away in a den of sin, 'till the sun came up the next morning,..  I cannot tell you how many chicks were pining away to steal her shoes the entire night, as we danced and sang to all of our favorite 80's-tunes, but I can tell you this ~ I would not trade this memory for a million bucks, because life is too short to dwell on the fact that drink-prices at this club were simply 'astronomical'.!!  But I digress...  I may be the only guy you will ever know with such a hotly contested 'Shoe-Fetish', but I will always stand by my woman and defend her every right to stand-out from the competition and clearly state F--K You if you don't like me, because you know what, haters never win,.  
        But on this night ~ It was clearly a 'Love-Fest' of the heels, in which I was a cheerfully endeared 'Rock-Star' that had no need of stroking into oblivion,..   My point was not for applause ( although Vodka does help ).  No ~ the high-heels I provide my woman may be worn inside or outside the bedroom, but I give her the choice.  My 'Better-Half' deserves the freedom of expression that allows her the opportunity to GET DOWN TONIGHT in her highest-heels, and shake her 'Money-Maker' 'till Life is good and she's the Star of the Show 'dancing on the table'  And yes ~ I stuff Dollar-Bills into her bra, when she earns it...  xD ..  There is just something about you and me, and the birds and the bees that make nights like this oh-so memorable, and so worth it to book some fun when you struggle all-week to make ends-meet.  
 Tell me your stories, poems, real-life experiences, and EVERYTHING...  And if you are curious about her heels,. by the end of the night we were just two dreamers living for forever with nothing on but the radio, and... she refused to take 'em off, Ellie Shoes 608-FIREFLY to which I'm still not complaining,..
12:30am ( at the 'after-party ) we were shining like lighters in the dark in the middle of a Rock-show, and she still possesses the energy to dance with the devil..  I blame the shoes.. ;-P  ARE YOU 'COOL'.??  THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW... Just go out and HAVE FUN>!!  Life doesn't go just like we planned it, and we try so hard to understand it ~ shit happens !!  Talk to me ~ and I will turn out the light and kiss you back,.  'Till next time ~ these are the moments I live for,. It's a 'Good Night' Baby,..  ;P


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